How old was your child the last time they wore a diaper or pull up?

April 16, 2011 6:26am CST
It seems like it's becoming more common these days for children to potty train later. Instead of being finished by their 2nd birthday many children are still wearing diapers beyond their 3rd and even 4th birthday and perhaps longer if they are bedwetters. How old was your child/children when they stopped wearing diapers?
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@magrylouyu (1632)
• United States
18 Apr 11
My oldest daughter who is now 7 wore her last pull up 1 week after her 3rd birthday my 5 year old wore her last pull up 3 months after her 3rd birthday and my youngest who is 21 months just got introduced to the potty. My 5 year old still sometimes wets the bed on occassion. She doesnt wear pull ups or anything we have a mattress protector and when she pees at night we just change it together. There's nothing wrong with night wetting. I'd rather her do it at night then still not be trianed during the day. I also agree that alot of parents are waiting later and later to potty train their children. I've seen 4 and 5 year olds still in diapers. To me that's just pure laziness unless of course there's a medical problem that lies in the way.
• United States
17 Apr 11
WOW, I didn't know this.. My son is currently 6 months and of course is still in diapers. Now I know that boys usually potty train later than girls but I thought by 3 the latest. I'm hoping I can get him trained around 2-2 1/2... but I dont know. His my first so we will see how it goes.