sleeping and exams

April 16, 2011 6:20pm CST
Its exam time, and i feel i spend every waking moment in the library. the days start to mesh together. I didn't realize it was Saturday today until I went to get coffee and the place didn't open until 10. I am so tired and i have 2 more weeks of exams. what do I do????
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• Philippines
16 Apr 11
Examinations is the challenge of student life. As a student you should never forget the purpose of exams. Exams are made to assess the level of comprehension of the lessons that you received from your teachers. That means that if you spend an hour or so every after a lesson, you should have no problem of any examination that will come to you. Most students tend to fail because they cram before the exam. Do not sleep deprive yourself. Studies show that a good sleep after reviewing helps the brain function better. Also don't drink too much coffee. 1 glass stimulates your brain however 2 or more glass may agitate you making it harder for you to concentrate. I think you would do good if you put that much effort. Just be in the best condition during the exam and you would do fine.
• Canada
17 Apr 11
I can not survive on one cup of coffee a day. I try to cut down, but I end up being too tired to actually do work.