To my former friend.

April 17, 2011 7:09am CST
Dear Former Friend, Guess my loyalty was not enough for you huh? It is sad to know that every good thing must come to an end. It pains me to realize that I had to be the one to end it.. I started off indifferent you say but you did not realize that I felt asphyxiated and less than comfortable. I tried so hard to become a good friend to you but "trying" was never an essence of true friendship. You wanted more out of me and I was trying to keep up the pace. I was losing my love for myself in order to offer you the pleasurable friendship we had. One day, I seemed indifferent to you for all I ask was space. It is the only time I asked something from you and you didn't gave me a chance it could have gone out well just give me air to breathe from the dying feeling of suffocation but you just had to talk and speak ill things about me. I am sorry if I blurted words of rage I just had to stop you from talking. I know you were childish since day 1 and I could not believe I went down to your level. The reason I want you out of my life was the fear that you have threatened my personal space. You hacked through my facebook account, ruined my respectable reputation and broke my silence in giving you a second chance to be once again a friend of mine. I never let you go but you made me do. I realize now that you were not someone to regret when lost. For 2 years that your not around me, I AM FREE. To you my former friend, I heard you had another fight with your new found friend. Then it is no longer a guess that she found out how childish and foolish you could really get. Truly yours, your FORMER true friend.
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• Philippines
17 Apr 11
Wow! Is that a farewell message to your friend? It feels so bad when one of your trusted friends ruins your relationship. I had been in that kind of relationship before. A friend of my ruined my relationship with my other friends. I know time will heal those wounds. Don't hold grudges towards her. Just Pray for her that one day she'll change her attitude.
23 Apr 11
I can't deny I still have feeling of rage but I try to divert it. It would be my lose to go down to her level.
@academic2 (7010)
• Uganda
17 Apr 11
I can see that you have fallen out with your friend-from what I see about your friend, he/she really seems to very childish-all you can do is damp this friend and move on with your life-there are very many friends out there-you dont need to get stress over foolish friends!
23 Apr 11
yes.. thank you so much for you response :)