Gunners will go for glory tonight against Liverpool

April 17, 2011 8:06am CST
Arsenal will look to close the gap against Manchester United and give them some glimmer of hope to vie for the premiere league title this year. Liverpool stands no chance at Emirates...
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@Nelster (16)
18 Apr 11
Good to find a fellow UK footbll follower - even if you are an arsenal supporter (sorry couldn't help that !). So 1-1 with what must be the two latest penalties ever in the premiership, by why oh why has Arsen got to moan so much ? How can he complain about Livepool's 'late' penalty when they have just got an equally 'late' and debateable one ? By the way I am a Liverpoool supported so a bit biased but I think the ref got them both right, well played ref !
18 Apr 11
Hey good to see a football lover.... Ya disappointing finish to the match! I think the ref played way beyond the stoppage time.... Anyways what matters is the final score and Arsenal as usual gave away a last minute goal.... Now I think until and unless Manchester united has a major slip-up there will be no chance for the gunners to eye the for the title and this will be the end for the already disappointing season....