Guidelines Violations

April 17, 2011 10:50pm CST
I don't know if because of making a post like this I will have problems, but I have some doubts about guidelines. Some of them are meaningless, at least to me. I've made a post the other day called "Three things you wish to do before die", and now I've checked it, and someone added a tag to my discussion "guidelines violation", so I went to see why my post was wrong, and there, just say that we shouldn't make poll-types discussions, mine is not even poll-type, but I guess that someone thought that. Also, I made another post asking for pancakes recipes because I wanted a recipe from someone that eat them every day or almost every day, since I'm not from USA and pancakes are not so common there, I'm not exactly an expert so I wanted to hear from an "expert", but nobody responded to my discussion, by fear, I guess. Well, in this place, say that we shouldn't do all these things, but don't say why we shouldn't. I can't understand why! What is the issue with recipes and poll-type discussions?
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@thesids (22358)
• Bhubaneswar, India
18 Apr 11
Hi millefeuille Well, am not that well versed with guidelines here but yes, in the span I have been here I have some reasons for yours - 1. The discussion about the "Wishes to do before you die" - it will get deleted because there are so many numersous discussions with that stuff. 2. The Pancakes recipes goes unanswered not because of the fact that it is to be removed. but because there may be no one on that time who knows about what you asked for on that discussion. YOu have to realize that people here are from different time zones, and also have different interests. So the chances of the real people who could have helped, went remote maybe due to the timing or even the fact that it was a week day or there were lesser lotters (who could have actually helped) around. A few suggestions - 1. I am sure you are aware of the benefits of the search bar here. Use it before starting any discussion. Chances are you may find one discussion that is similar to what you plan to start... If there are many, avoid it as it may get removed. YOu will be saved a discussion from being removed and also you will get paid as you use the search bar. 2. In case you find an objectonable "Tag" to your discussion why not try your luck and ask the admin to check it out and remove the "tag". The ill side - Maybe yuo are bringing it to the notice of the admin, but in any case it will be removed if it really was a Guideline Violation. Hope this helps. Happy Lotting
@zralte (4186)
• India
18 Apr 11
It's true what thesids mentioned. Admin will see those and decide. May I also add that this discussion may get deleted as it could come under 'Personal Issue with myLot'?
@tlb0822 (1412)
• United States
18 Apr 11
This is very true that some people interpert the guidelines in different ways. I have seen many discussions that could be considered "poll" top of discussions, but I do not see a problem with them. I think I have seen this person tagging other peoples discussions saying that they were violating terms because it was a poll discussion, but to me it did not seem like a poll discussion. I say until someone from Mylot administrators contact you, just keep posting and having fun and not worry about it. Everyone makes an oopsy every now and then but I don't think that the post you are mentioning is one. I think that your discussion is a legit topic, and really isn't "polling" people on specifics. I think a poll would be a topic like who likes pepsi and who likes coke. That to me is a poll type of question. I wish you the best of luck and hope you continue to enjoy posting.
• Argentina
18 Apr 11
You're so right. I shouldn't worry about this, is just that I don't want to make wrong discussions in the future and then having problems, you know. Thanks a lot and I wish you the same! :)
@neenie (344)
• United States
18 Apr 11
See, I think a lot of discussions could be considered "poll-type". If you ask, would you rather this or that, that could be considered a poll-type discussion. I know I've even asked a question about how eating eggs. I didn't give specific answers but I guess that could be considered poll. I guess just try to not make specific answers. If someone considers your question to be poll-related and it gets deleted, I guess that's just a part of mylot.