why do you choose to work at home?

@heart4u (409)
April 18, 2011 9:59am CST
i myself is a self employed and working at home. i am running my online store for five years now and i am loving it. why do i choose to work at home maybe because i want to work in the convenience of my own home. i dont want to have a boss. just me myself and i. how bout you guys why do you choose to work at home?
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@wongchoiyee (7403)
• Malaysia
18 Apr 11
I choose to work at home because I won't see nasty faces in the office. Its very flexible to work at home, you can eat, watch tv while typing on the computer. Mind you, the pay is low but worth it. I can get self satisfaction but working for people you make people satisfied. Its about satisfaction.
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• Israel
26 Aug 11
It is true that work on the Internet is difficult, but very enjoyable and not difficult at all times The first be initiated by a difficult start, but over time get used to it and it becomes easy Also do not want to be my president in the action controls I want to be president myself in the work
@ckfree (105)
• Indonesia
22 Aug 11
I like working at home because I could control all my activities without any one set. I can make all the schedules. Working at home as a free man, I am responsible for myself, and dont't depend on others
@carolscash (9500)
• United States
29 Jul 11
I need to work from home due to the fact that I home school my daughter and my husband travels when he works. I find that I work better on my own and I enjoy being here if my family needs me. Plus, if I am sick, I can have a sick day or two without being hassled about it. The downfall is that I do not make the money that I would like to and it is hard to be disciplined enough to keep my hours that I need to work from being taken up by doing other things.
1 May 11
i too like to work at home because i never like a boss complaining for every work
@albert911 (169)
• Thailand
22 Apr 11
Working at/from home has definitively its avantages. It takes just self-discipline (loads of it!) a clear plan and strategy of what to do and what to achieve and how to go about it getting there. If this is than combined with a time plan, one can easily see what needs to be done and focused on solving problems. As we all know, there are lots of opportunities out there with the Net growing every day. What it boils down, in my opinion, is finding those "nuggets" to earn you real money and not being lured and trapped in one of the thousends of "get rich quick" scams. Is it possible? Yes, absolutely.
@spockers (221)
• Philippines
20 Apr 11
Me, i choose to work at home, because i hate seeing boss who so streak that every moves of your their is always words to say. I working alone, that are near in my family.
@obe212003 (2302)
• Philippines
18 Apr 11
to work at home is an ideal job for me as i an work at my own pace and work at the comforts of my home and being with my family.