Loveless Yesturday

United States
April 18, 2011 10:44am CST
All I wanted was you. But you don't care. Here I am, acting like I've never acted in my life, and you just blow me off, leaving me as another lonely heart.. Emotion if mine, crashing like waves on a beach. Love overtaking all other emotions. Just watch on the sidelines as my heart takes another blow. Bit by bit, it starts to break away. My heart; now too beaten and battered to withstand anymore hurt. I put up my walls. Space myself out from others. Never again will someone hurt me. You've done enough. But still, everytime you smile, I seem to fall more and more inlove with you. Somethings wrong with me. Insanity creeping in my head. Is it the Love that makes me feel alive Or the Pain?
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