Types of Scam Sites

@yallit (3678)
April 18, 2011 6:10pm CST
In my opinion, there are 3 types of Scam sites: 1. Sites that shutdown after running away with their investors' money. 2. Sites that are still online but stopped paying completely. 3. Sites that are still online but making selective payments. Most people think that scam sites fall under the first 2 categories only. Little did we realize that the most dangerous site of all is the one that falls under the 3rd category. Why? It's because they still have the ability to lure more investors and hence be able to SCAM more people. Since there are people who are getting paid still, newbies or the die hard fans tend to defend such sites until they experience it themselves. As they say, "If there's a smoke, expect a fire." Just my thoughts for the day.
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@Anitismo (229)
• Bahamas
19 Apr 11
OK let say about 80% of sites are scams, but unless you sign up for the scam you realize that what it is. You just don't find a good site on line on the first go. You don't get good advice from people without being in their shoes. I sign up for sites already using advice from people and not until you using the site and sharing your own views other people tells their opinion. I have seen it everyday. Sometimes your the first to try a new site. But thank to some sites and friends which is rare you ask about a site and you get some answers. The internet is all about trial and error. And thank for the cancellation button.