P-NOY and the Church......

April 18, 2011 11:57pm CST
I really admires P-noy regarding his stands on the RH Bill.. I salute you....Sir....The bill is not into pushing people to abortion it is about being responsible not only as a parent but also as a individual. It is a matter of choice.... it just like giving options....You dont like to use contraceptives ...fine.....don use it.....you have a choice...there a lot of way... But please give the government a little by little chances....people chooses P-noy to do some changes for us to have a better life and for our children ....
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@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
26 Apr 11
Well, I admire also his decision about the bills. Because as far as my opinion is concern. There is no law that being violated even the bible will agree about this issue...
• Calgary, Alberta
20 Apr 11
I'm not Catholic and my religion is much more strict when it comes to belief but its supportive of the RH bill. The Catholic church should realized there should be a separation between the state and the church. our country is over populated and we need family planning to stop and lessen the poverty and unemployment.