April 19, 2011 12:55am CST
Eversince, I had an obsession to bags and perfumes. I don't care if I buy the designer ones, or even the bargain bags that can be brought in a minimal price...AS long as its a BAG! But now, I think I'm adding on books to my obsession. Aww, BOOKS and READING, I stand corrected. Thanks to a friend, because he influenced me and pushed me through to read and read and read books. And now, I am getting used to it. Reading takes me out of my curiosities. I learned a lot through reading. You, what are the things you consider your obsession?
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@tiina05 (2319)
• Philippines
19 Apr 11
hello, Like you I have lot of obsessions, Like buying shoes, bags, and going out with my boyfriend. I really enjoy it.Specially when I am with my boyfriend because when I am with him I never notice that time comes run fast, I never got bored being with him. We enjoy each others company. And that's what I love so much to him. And I also wants things even I don't need much of it I still buy it, and it really happened to me. It is kind of addiction.
• Philippines
24 Apr 11
Hi tiina. Yes. Being with your partner, or maybe someone you love completes your day & time really runs so fast when you are with them. I also agree with you in buying things that I do not need. Sometimes, I do that. Such a waste of money.