Do you know Henk de Graaf and Hermine?

@Margajoe (4720)
April 19, 2011 8:04am CST
Hi , I heard Henk and Hermine are both in prison in Suriname. They had a children s home of +/- 20 children. 'Lobi-Blesi' in Tamanredjo . 15 kilo meters outside of Paramaribo. Henk and Hermine have been accused of abusing the children. Does anyone know anything about this, and how this is going to go further? These people have not even been on trial yet, though they have been on the news in the Netherlands and in the papers. Their pictures have been all over the internet. But did they really do it? You can see more of this ; Google: Henk de Graaf Suriname. What do you think about this situation. Locked in jail, but not proven guilty? What if it is not true? Thanks for your time.
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