"Getting enough sleep"

April 20, 2011 1:08am CST
does anyone of you getting enough sleep? If you are groggy in the morning or doze off during the day, you may be sleep-deprived. During our sleep, our body repairs itself while your mind sorts through problems and questions. A lack of sleep, or poor sleep, causes poor concentration and irritability, which mean a less than ideal performance at school and at work. irritability can also put a strain on personal relationship. Making up for lost sleep with caffeine may raise your stress level and leave you more tired than before. On average, adults need about seven hours of sleep a night, but people in their late teens and early twenties may need eight to nine hours.
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20 Apr 11
oh so thats why iam mad all the time LOL . i am not getting much sleep as i suffer on my bed for 2 hours every single day just to fall asleep then it would be late and i have to wake up early so i end up having about 4-5 hours of not so good night sleep