What is the biggest regret in your heart ?

April 20, 2011 10:32pm CST
Nagging anxiety: Romance is far more likely to worry women than men. Women are more than twice as likely as men to have regrets about their romantic life,a university report revealed today. When it comes to admitting to regrets - particularly among women - romance is the most common source of nagging anxiety,the latest research finds. And in the field of romantic relationships,everyone seems to have made decisions they had come to regret,according to Neal Roese,professor of marketing at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Business in Illinois.
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@ifa225 (11098)
• Indonesia
6 May 11
i guess the research is right. now i am regret my romance life too maybe some woman believe that romance and love is always beautiful and bring happiness which is never happen in real life
@mhaibless (210)
• United States
27 Apr 11
The biggest regret in my heart is when I am hurting someone and never got the chance to say sorry for what I did.
@cjfsunny (86)
• China
22 Apr 11
your words make me remenber some hard things.from my birth to now,i have many regret things.they include big and small things.the most unforgetable and regretest of things is my decision about which university i would apply for.the decision effects a lot on me right now.choice is not irrevocable.i only accept and confront it.
21 Apr 11
That would probably right. I know many girls that regrets many things about their romantic life. Me as well also has many regrets about it.
• Philippines
21 Apr 11
That is an interesting study. I've never really had a romance in my life, since I'm still young. I can tell you that my biggest regret is speaking something out of anger. It led to me and my friend drifting apart.The words you speak out of anger are unwise. So it's true never to make decisions when you're angry.
• United States
21 Apr 11
I think that's correct. I try not to regret anything because I truly believe everything happens for a reason but my biggest regret has to do with letting a guy get away that I had feelings for for. Next time I saw him he was married with a kid. Oh well.