We depend on to much for happiness

United States
April 21, 2011 10:23am CST
We recently move to San Diego since my husband changed home port. Before moving we got rid of a lot. We lived in our house for 5 years and its amazing how much one can accumilate over the years. Being in the military they come and pack and move for you. You have to set up a date and than you have to wait for when it works for them to deliver your stuff. we are now in SD and have been without our stuff for almost two weeks. We did just get our internet, cable and phone hooked up. Only thing we can use is the internet, which I am happy about. I found though we can get along just fine with so little. We have blankets for beds, our pillows, a couple towels, paper plates, plastic forks, a few cups, one pan to heat food up in the oven on. My kids have been playing outside all the time. I let them watch a movie on netflix twice a day. The thing is I have realized we depend on to much for our happiness when it takes very little to make oneself happy. We have been able to enjoy things we wouldnt even think of if we had our self entertaining devices. As much as I hate being without for this long, I know once we get our stuff it will bring comfort but I have found a better routine for our free time. My kids are loving looking for bugs and I enjoy watching them. I love the fact when they come in form playing outside their dirty. It reminds me of my childhood. I think everyone shld go without for a week to see how it changes their thinking.
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