What happens here...stays here...(some thing to share??)

@kwylima (452)
United States
April 21, 2011 6:37pm CST
There are situations in our lifes that is better keep in secret..haha. Like when you were teenager and you went to a party without your parents know about it. Or when you do something stupid in a party or in a vacation or so.. I have many situations that if somebody dicide to talk about I would be really embarassed. People usually use this expression when they go to Vegas..so they say What happens in vegas stays in vegas..but I never had been there in my life..haha..however I used this expression many times.. do you have some situation to share?
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22 Apr 11
I believe if something is not related to endangerment true friends definitely should honor and respect our secrets/privacy. Surely my first thought would be that anyone spreading our secrets is surely not a good friend.