making money from home.

@dhisaw (304)
United States
April 22, 2011 3:10am CST
Alright just wondering if anyone knows of any kind of legit making money from home sites. I know on my other post there have been some and some of the ones that were mentioned I am a member of. I am just curious what all kinds of sites there are out there that actually are legit and pay out. I would really like to make as much extra money as I can to be able to help myself and my family. Thanks and any information will be greatly appreciated.
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• United States
28 May 11
Great discussion I have been looking for information on working from home and thanks to this discussion I got some really good ideas. So far I have not found the right job for me but I will keep looking until I find the right one and will let you know I do hope you found or find the job you are looking for.
@albert911 (169)
• Thailand
23 Apr 11
What a great topic for discussion! Having spent months and years on and off, in searching for legit ways to earn money on the Net, I start wondering, -are there any at all? All you find and get is bits and pieces of information, most of them "unclear", even missleading or plain scams. If it can't be done on a forum like this, why doesn't anyone have a blog/site with, say 10-20 ways for doing e-business for beginners and intermediate levels (nevermind the invisable referral links to the author for all the wonderful places to go and earn money from)?. Together with a realistic earning potential and a monthly, average total of earnings. Is it because of the short life span of those sites/businesses? Doesn't anyone have this information or do the "winners" simply not care anymore because they had their juicy cut of the pie? Some of the sites/blogs are designed and written with 10 spelling mistakes in the first paragraph, suggesting that either the author is very young or a "trickster". Other sites are set up with all bells and whistles, audio/video tracks, perfectly optimized site designs, promising "10k $$$ an hour" asking for just 39.99$ for their advice up front, with 500$ of "freebies" thrown it...... Aren't there any people out there with the right kind of information? I'm sure somebody must have done it sucessfully and at least thought of putting it all together,-and why not- ask for a "donation" once the system works. Would it be illegal to share information? Well, that's just literally my Cent of thought and wisdom, wanting desperately to contribute to this discussion in a constructive way.
@stary1 (6622)
• United States
22 Apr 11
If you are not already a member, Helium and Associated Content are imo 2 of the best. Creative Rewards also has some good deals.
@firemom31 (599)
• United States
22 Apr 11
I make the most money from oDesk. Of all the things I have done to make money from home, it has been the most reliable and paid the best. I even started a blog about working from home just so I could get the oDesk word out there. I have been with them for around 5 years. I was fortunate to find an employer who still sends me work on a regular basis, and I pick up smaller jobs in between. I love oDesk and would be reluctant to try anyone else.
@Bellapop (1281)
22 Apr 11
Hello! There is actually a lot of ways you can earn money from home, although not in a way that one make you into a billionaire unless you had a brilliant business idea. I do know he people who work from home and there are advantages and disadvantages. While there is dressmaking, design, bookkeeping, babysitting, the internet, the list is endless...
@Jlyn10 (10919)
• Malaysia
22 Apr 11
Hi dhisaw If you are good in writing articles, why not try Triond or Bukisa. If you're looking to be a freelancer, you can try Freelancer or Odesk. Good luck!