What is the best media player for your pc/laptop??

April 22, 2011 4:14am CST
What media player do you usually prefer to be installed in your pc/laptop?? personally I have 2-3 media players installed on my laptop, but I want to remove all and install only one media player that has all the capabilities of playing any media files and it has all the capabilities of all my media player combined.. so what media player can you suggest?? (I already have iTunes,WMP,MPC,divX,real alternative)
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@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
22 Apr 11
Well i have wmp and i just install codecs for it. I usually can play all the file types i use so i rarely look for more codecs. well if i can ask? what file types do you really play often?
22 Apr 11
VLC player FTW!!!!??? thanks guys.. :)
@la_chique (1499)
22 Apr 11
Get rid of all of those, and just put VLC on. (well you can keep itunes if you have a library on there. I love VLC because it plays anything that I have ever had, and it also has an inbuilt converter for converting flv files. If I were you this is the one i'd try and use! Good luck
@LeonHo (34)
• United States
27 Apr 11
VLC is alright, but it doesn't use codecs. I would say just stick with MPC with CCC codec pack. I would say to use vlc, and mpc and one of them as a main, and the other as a back up. VLC is more for movies, and MPC is more for animes due to subtitles and mkv formats which vlc can't play so well with.
• Hong Kong
22 Jun 11
I am using KMplayer. It is much better than real player/ itunes/ wmp as it can play files of different formats very effectively. I don't really have to install others. Also there are many other functions, like capturing screen, saving screen as animation, and many others. I love using this as it is so convenience. You can try it! http://www.kmplayer.com
12 May 11
I would suggest you get ether Quicktime or RealPlayer. I like RealPlayer the best.
• Pakistan
11 May 11
The Vlc Player Is the Best player..
@gmkumar08 (396)
• India
30 Apr 11
Well,i have tried many media players,and i feel that vlc is the best one.It supports multiple video formats.It is user friendly.It also doesn't take much of the disk space.It really is the best one.
@blacks94 (161)
• Italy
22 Apr 11
I use VLC and it works perfectly both on Mac and Windows. Give it a try, it's free.
• Philippines
22 Apr 11
I've been using VLC media player since my friend introduced it to me 3 years ago. The interface isn't as cool as some other MPs but it does all the necessary functions including playing a more diverse array of file types (compared to WMP, Real Player, MPC and others).
@prateek2 (28)
• India
22 Apr 11
hi, the best media player depends on you choice and preference.for me mpc classic AKA k lite codec pack is the best.sometimes i use vlc when mpc fails. gud luck
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
22 Apr 11
Mine is the vlc player. It can play all sort of media, and music.
• Australia
22 Apr 11
Hi there, I have all the media players that you mentioned in my Laptop. In addition to all this i have VLC player. I think it is a good quality media player! But if you are to play DVD with this media player, it does not give good quality at all. I use PowerDVD to play all my DVDs. As for the audio, I choose VLC player. Itunes is great too!
• Philippines
22 Apr 11
i really find vlc media useful because it can play most file formats of movies and other media types. other than that, you can also make the volume louder on vlc. sometimes though, i get problems on the continuity of playing the file. im just not sure if its vlc or the file that has a problem.