are you influenced by Justine Beiber??

April 22, 2011 12:25pm CST
You know Time Magazine recently featured 100 most influencial people in the world and surprisingly, Justine Beiber is included as one. The boy entertainer certainly has achieved superstardom as a recording artist but as one of the most influencial person in the world??? Really??? I'm not a fan of this boy but...ahh.. well... oh come on... Tell me you're not influenced by this kid...
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@Bryanx54 (644)
17 Jun 11
haha well lets see when i think of influential people from different cultures i think of Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Chairman Mao, Bruce Lee, Winston Churchill, Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, Elvis, Beatles oh and Justin Beiber seriously? This kid hasn't influenced me at all, maybe not giving a damn about his music attributes to my decision but i don't find him at all influential, he hasn't changed the world for the better at all if not made it worse by created all these angry guys on youtube and what not ha.
• Philippines
17 Jun 11
Exactly my point there Bryan... man, what's happening with Time magazine?? or rather what's happening with the world now.. Justine Beiber?? geeessshhh!!
22 Apr 11
my sister went to school with justin beaver and i am so glad he has made time magazine. i remember he was a bit of a dweeb back then and wore thick glasses. he must 38 now as my sis is round about that age. he was into model planes back then. not sure what he has done but i will tell my sister the news about time magazine. she will pee herself laughing.
• Philippines
23 Apr 11
aahh... I'm confused.. I was talking about the young boy (around 17 yrs old i think) recording artist from Canada making it to Time magazine's 100 most influencial people of the world... who's justine beaver? lol
@lady1993 (19729)
• Philippines
25 Apr 11
I am not a fan of him either, but i am not surprised that he is one of top 10 most influential people in he world though, since I can see his influence among young guys here in our country, and many girls go gaga over him too. I don't really see what they see in him, he's just a kid who has an average voice..