Laptop... for those who like to conserve energy...

@r3jcorp (1384)
April 22, 2011 5:20pm CST
As power bill is becoming higher, we have a new rule, to use the laptop instead of our desktop computer on a limited time. Laptop's energy consumption is rather small compared to desktop because we are plugging only 1 machine. Unlike the desktop, we plug the monitor separate from its CPU plus the Automatic Voltage Regulator. Instead of watching DVD in our television set, we also watched online movies in the laptop or with the portable DVD. We also bought new bulb with 5-7 watts and replaced the 40 watts flourescent lights that we used for several years. Life is too hard nowadays, we have to find ways to save money!
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• United States
25 Apr 11
Yes, computers are great eaters of power. In California, we had power shortage once the whole IT boom started. Now people are learning about laptops being more of an energy savers. So we majority of the homes switched to this gadget. Even at work place, just as you said, employees are encouraged to use laptops. In my house, we are saving a lot on power because no one uses the computer anymore. But we are little disappointed at the battery of laptops. They expire after a few years
• United Arab Emirates
23 Apr 11
I absolutely agree, we have to find ways to conserve -- not just money but other resources as well. Laptop's certainly consume less power compared to desktop computers. Hwoever, some desktop computers have a very low power consumption. For example, Apple's MacMini, which I think consumes only 11 watts, compared to the power consumption of some of the bigger laptops, which could be higher than 90 - 100 watts. However, with the MacMini, the user does need a display separately, but this could be a smaller LCD display, with a smaller power consumption spec, used together with automatic sleep feature on the MacMini.
@iklananda (1204)
23 Apr 11
Laptop is more efficient and more easy to brought. Desktop is stronger in the case but actually it's not effective at all coz the big body take a big electric consummetion
@dark_joev (3043)
• United States
23 Apr 11
Computers (Desktops even including the Monitor in this assuming the Monitor is an LCD) use very little power actually to put some perspective on it. It is far more expensive for you to run an Refrigerator for 24 hours than it is for your Desktop to be on the entire time with you working on it. (its like .0087 cents per hour) The info on this site is a little out dated as it includes the G5 for Macs which they don't make any more if your PC (Desktop) is a new one within the last 4-5 years then you are using a very efficient Machine it will hardly use any electricity due to the fact that it is most likely a duel core (2 CPUs in one) which is what makes Computers in General not massive drains on peoples electric bills. I have personally Ran servers from my house and their wasn't a noticeable spike in the electric bill and these severs where running with a constant load on them so they weren't idle.
@blacks94 (161)
• Italy
23 Apr 11
I agree with you. I always use my laptop: it helps saving energy and I can move it from one place to another; sometimes I also take it to my friends' house to show them new stuff I find on the Internet. I think laptops are going to replace desktop computers. About saving energy, I use power strips to minimize energy consumption while the computer isn't turned on. In fact, I have heard many people saying that even when they're off, computers still use a certain amount of energy. I don't know if it's true, but I always switch the power strip off after I've shut down the computer.