Depression ruins my father's life

April 22, 2011 5:36pm CST
My father is an army, he was able to send me and my sister in college. He is a good provider ever since. He has a long distance relationship with us. Effective communication is indeed needed for a harmonious relationship, but unfortunately my mother broke her vows to my father. She had another relationship with this man. My father was unconscious for a year on what my mother was doing. Sad to realize that I was too late to intervene. My father loves my mother so much that he would be willing to accept and forgive my mother. But my mom insisted a divorce. Its been 3 long years that my father is unable to eat and sleep. He even hide himself in the 4 corners of his room. Its so sad to think that my father whom I love so much was now depressed because of that long distance relationship.
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• Mexico
23 Apr 11
Hi acenand: It's too sad that your mother has done this to your father. The only thing you can do is to be with him and make him know that he is not alone. People sometimes have to pass through these terrible ituations but it's not the end. Your father could recover after this terrible situation. It's just too depressing but we shouldn't stop eating or keep thinking about a relationship when tehre's nothing you can do to save it. Just pray and be with your father as much as you can. ALVARO
• Philippines
24 Apr 11
I am always praying for him. I am always advising my father not to think so much. Past is past and he should get out of his shell for the betterment of his life. There are lots of opportunities waiting for him. Thank you so much!
@GoldenAsh (290)
• United States
26 Apr 11
Hello acenade315. I am really sorry about what has happened, but believe me it is good that you have chosen a platform to share your feelings because in this way you are saving yourself from depression. I personally believe that long distance relationships play havoc on couples life, but he was doing this to provide for your family. I think you should consult a psychologist and take your father for social outings. Let him meet people, I think you should advise him to do some mylotting (It is good to keep stress at bay)