Humans, what can we say about Human Evolution?

April 23, 2011 7:43pm CST
what is the real explanation of Human Evolution? it did really happend? how was that, Human Races, different skin colors, i would like to hear something good about this topic, its great to know what people think about it.
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@JenInTN (27565)
• United States
30 Apr 11
Hi investor! I actually just studied the theory of evolution recently. I read Darwin's theory compared to some other research. There is a missing link..and I will touch on that in a minute but for now...your question. The way I understood it, we come from one area which is used to be one continent..i think it was Pangera...or something like that...anyway..the continent breaks and we are isolated into areas with different climates. There is also migration so over the years with the strongest mating and surviving, there are changes that take place supporting the strong and eliminating the weaker traits. There isn't a need for increased pigment in colder areas so in those wasn't a needed trait like it is in more heated areas. Now...the missing link is the beginning. It is pretty much proven that all cells have to come from a cell. There is nothing that just comes to be from we have to wonder...even if we did evolve from bacteria or whatever...where did that first cell come from? That is the missing link. I found it interesting too..the mitachondria theory of it being a bacteria before it was a part of our cells. Enveloped by our cells as a means of energy and then eventually reproduced as a part of the was very intrigued by that class.
• Mexico
1 May 11
thanks jeni for yuor answer, super interesting your studies about Darwins theory, its just amazing how researchers have the given their lives in the labs, thats why we have this kind of live because of the hard work these guys have done, you jeni keep studying maybe you can be scientist in the near future.
@pogi253 (1587)
• Philippines
26 Apr 11
The human body is the finish product of a long period of evolution, stretching back millions of years. In the case of a number of aspects of our body, the ancestry goes back not just a few million years, but hundreds of millions. The fundamental layout of the human body, for example, is that of the vertebrates (being bilaterally proportioned, organized around the backbone) and of the reptiles and amphibians (in having a pair of hind limbs and forelimbs, each with five digits fingers or toes at the end of them). But like each species, humans have a shape that is sole to them. Among primates, our closest evolutionary relatives, humans have three features that stand out upright posture and walking, a relatively large brain, and relative hairlessness.
• Mexico
1 May 11
this question i like it , and since you know a lot about it le me ask you one more question, what could be next on humans evolution? i was wonder if we could be getting stronger at some point or weaker, or what else could be?, because of malformations i can think that the regular process for our system fails sometimes and can be the weaker part of human cells to be able to reform damage cells-
@Sanitary (3969)
• Singapore
25 Apr 11
I'm not too sure about that even though i'm equally curious to find out what really happened during the process. It should be interesting as there are quite some species of humans around. It's like out of the ordinary, everybody looking so different, and there's even race to differentiate. I'm wondering what causes those changes and how. It's interesting.
• Mexico
1 May 11
thanks sani.. for your answer, to me i always have this kind of questions, why we are like this, why people get old, why people get sick, for this last one i hope our science can finally develop nano.-tech so we can heal faster and live little longer, imagine we as humans living a little more than 500 years?
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