first sms message you read today?

@chiyosan (29433)
April 23, 2011 9:59pm CST
What's the first text message you read since you wake up today? It does not have to be the latest you received. Why was this the message you read first when you May even have a couple of unread messages in your inbox? Me i read a message from my boyfriend and i intentionally did not read another message from my service provider telling me to avail another unlimited service. I deleted it right away. Haha
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• Australia
24 Apr 11
mine was you have low credit please recharge .
@chiyosan (29434)
• Philippines
24 Apr 11
Haha a message from your service provider. Thanks for your response.
@ckciasigurl (1570)
• Vienna, Austria
30 Apr 11
Hi chiyosan! i read my inbox today and my provider txt as "Thank you for registering to super free weekends. we're sorry buy you are either trying to claim your freebie on a weekday or are currently registered to other promos that cannot coincide with the super free promo. please try claiming your freebie again on Saturday or upon deactivation of your existing subscription" i read this actually because ,i think that i am already active in my all text network + 1 hour free browse via phone i checked and yet it is still like this, before i went to sleep i try again to register and i fell asleep that's why i didn't read the message of my provider.and to tell you until now i didn't recive my freebie
26 Apr 11
the first message i read today was from my classmate asking me where i am. we had this exam a while ago and she was looking for me back in school. sometimes, it's good to wake up to a message from a special someone. that would complete anyone's day.
25 Apr 11
I read my friend's message telling me he had just woke up.. His messages are like twitter updating people on what he's doing right now.. it's kinda annoying but I've grown use to it ;p
@Cherish14 (2695)
• Philippines
24 Apr 11
hehehehe im just like you. i read my boyfriend's messages first. i always make sure i don't miss his messages when i wake up and i make sure i wake up early so we can spend some time before he goes to sleep heheheh time difference huh
@acey76 (1278)
• Philippines
24 Apr 11
Well the first message i got was a text message greeting me to have a happy easter! I'ts Easter sunday here.
• United States
24 Apr 11
My boyfriend and I text each other after every one hour. This is how we keep in touch for the day. So today, the first message I read was from him. It was a morning greeting. I have been going antisocial because I just moved to a new city. Here I don't know anyone. My friends, on the other hand, are busy with school. So neither of us text each other all the time. It is now just me and my boyfriend.
@whengcat (1458)
• Philippines
24 Apr 11
Well, as for me, the message came from my sister. She's informing me that she and her kids will attend the feast of Easter Sunday by a known preacher near MOA.
@chhetp1 (469)
• India
24 Apr 11
I think, i seldom read messages. These days with so much of free text offers, many of my friends will just send the junk messages. It is strange that I tend to receive same jokes again and again. Hence, I keep a safe distance from mobile phones these days. It saves me time and money. He!! HE!! But if its the Service provider's message, I like to delete them with great enjoyment.