What's the reason why you moved?

April 24, 2011 12:42am CST
Moving from one place to another is kinda hassle on our part. Packing up things and putting things on trash that can't be used. But the sad part is, we leave those memories we had, the people whom we spent in our lives before. When great opportunity comes, I humbly accept it.
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10 Sep 11
I have lost track of the amount of times I have moved but up until my most recent one they have all been in my home town or very close. Most times I have had to move as they have been private rentals and I have had no choice but to move. I have had the landlords that have wanted to sell up, the ones that have had the place repossessed where they have not paid their mortgage with the rent I was paying and then the ones that have refused to do repairs so making the place unbearable to live in. Because of this I have never really settled for too long anywhere. My most recent and biggest move though was a year ago where I moved counties to be with my fiance. We have a lovely place together even if it is another private rental and i couldn't be happier. I did find it hard leaving my home town after 38 years and leaving family and friends behind but at the same time I feel I have made a fresh start with my fiance and love living where i am.
• United States
20 May 11
I had moved around a lot until July 2008 when my husband and I bought a house. I am really glad that my husband and I bought a house because now we can do whatever we want and have the house set up to our specifications. By owning a house we have been able to remodel and get things fixed that needed fixing. This summer we are in the process of remodeling the house and it feels great. It is a hassle packing and unpacking, but for us it was worth it.
@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
30 Apr 11
I moved in 2005 from a little cottage to a different area. My sister had already moved and my mom was about to move too. I moved into a modern house overlooking fields. I moved there with my teenager son and my dog called Secret. The next year I got my dog called Magic. I got pregnant that year and in 2007 my disabled son was born. In 2009 my daughter was born. By 2010 my disabled son was too heavy to carry upstairs. So that year we moved to a bungalow. We have been living here since August of last year. My life is much easier now my disabled son has a downstairs bedroom and disabled access wet room with a shower in it. I am so pleased I was able to afford to move here.
@taski24 (214)
• Philippines
28 Apr 11
I have moved a lot since I started earning on my own. It's a good thing I don't get too attached to a certain place. That makes leaving a bit easier. As the popular saying goes, there is nothing permanent in this world but change. We have to accept that as soon as our finances improve, we would be aspiring for a better dwelling. The opposite is when we encounter financial constraints that we have to downgrade from a plush townhouse to a say, single detached. I have learned to accept things as they come.
@asiregar (866)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
26 Apr 11
When first moving house I do know the environment and the new atmosphere, meet and get acquainted with new neighbors all the necessary adjustments.
@dmar24 (60)
• Philippines
24 Apr 11
Yeah its a big loss because of happy memories that you spent with them BUT you will still encounter different people and its an opportunity also.. Everything happens for reasons. =) Godbless.
@vannyt (344)
• Philippines
24 Apr 11
I remembered when I first went The first time I have to move is when I got a work far from my parents' place. It's hard because new adjustment to people around you and your daily routines. Not to mention the the things you do with your family specially on weekends or holidays. Well, everything has to move on and we have a life to live so off we go even though it's painful and life changing. The brighter side is we get to meet new people at the same time open new and better opportunities everywhere we go.