Mental Health Definitions Aren't Always Easy to Define. So What's the Deal?

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April 25, 2011 3:29am CST
Here is a quote that blew me away when I read it, "I remember seeing a front-page story in the Boston Globe about a woman who cut a bagel in half and saw the face of Jesus in the bagel. There was a pilgrimage to the bakery of people wanting to see Jesus. I have nothing against Jesus, or against bagels, for that matter, but I thought this was kind of crazy. Yet it was accepted. None of the people waiting to see Jesus in a bagel were hauled off to the hospital." - Laurie Aherm, 2002 National Association for Rights and Protection and Advocacy Convention, Portland Oregon. I wonder why some people are forced to get Mental health treatment, even if they are not risk to themselves or others, and why some can do just about anything,and never seem to have an issue with those same Mental Health facilities. Do you think it is all about money?If they can get paid by the patient's insurance company, or medicaid, then they are suddenly more of a "risk"? What about the poor people who really need help and don't have a dime? What can we do to make the system work better? In my opinion, It seems like it is most of the time about how much money can be made. I believe that there are some good docs and professionals, but what about the ones who aren't there to really help and be like the oath they sing as doctors. what is your opinion on any of this!!?? I am really curious.
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25 Apr 11
I work in the medical field and I have come to one conclusion... There are things that we understand, but there are some that we'd like to think we do but we really don't. I think a lot of medicine is trial and error. And when it comes to mental health, none of them really understand. You might not have anything but a little winter blues and they put you on anti-depressants that trigger something much worse due to its side effects. I have been a victim of this.
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26 Apr 11
ssebrinatw, I get what you are saying! I have always thought it was odd that seeing a doctor for 15 to 20 mins, without running any tests, and coming out with a diagnosis and a prescription would be the norm in our society. What other kind of doctor could get away with that! It just doesn't make sense! That's for your response.