April 25, 2011 8:30am CST
I became member of mylot for a few mounth. i want to have many new friend all the word. that is funny. i want creat new friend more and more. do you want creat new friend? i am from vietnam, I want see more friend from my country.
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• United States
27 Apr 11
I'm Vietnamese but I'm not from Vietnam. It's interesting to see other people in Vietnam using this site! I don't know much vietnamese though, hahahaha, I'm from the United States.
• Vietnam
28 Apr 11
Hi, friend I am glad to see you.
@mlla24 (841)
• Mexico
26 Apr 11
we are friends, i want make friend from around the world i am from Mexico.
• Vietnam
26 Apr 11
hi, mlla24, thank you. that good for we become friend. iam from Vietnam
• Argentina
25 Apr 11
I'm not a very friendly person, so, I can't see the point of having hundreds of friends around the world if you don't know them. I don't really trust in people, so I prefer my dogs when it comes to friends. I'm just here to make some money and have some fun.
• Vietnam
25 Apr 11
uh that good, thank for your post. I love mylot.
• India
25 Apr 11
Hay I am from India and I love mylotting because here I can fulfill my dreams having new friends all over the world. I also like to learn new English words by the help of my friends they not only show my mistake but also solve it by providing the right option.......
• Vietnam
26 Apr 11
Hi, ahish, I love mylot too. thank for your post. I am not good at English, can you help me repair mistake?
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
1 May 11
I joined myLot over 3 years ago, and I am very glad that I did. This is a unique place to meet and make friends from countries around the world. It is a community of people working together for mutual benefits. I learn a lot from friends I make here on myLot. Happy myLotting !
• China
25 Apr 11
I am here for the same reason,and I also want to gain more knowledge,more joy and a little pocket money.