being proud of my parents

April 25, 2011 10:03am CST
GOD! it took me lots of issues with my in-laws ere I realized that long before i should have been proud of my parents. of the way how they molded us. for the strictness, reprimands. for the correct and right way they have molded us. how damn and numb was I before to reached this far before i realized how right they were and how proud i should have been for what they've done to me and impart in my being, my personality and my values, and most especially of how i am regarding to work, especially work at home. know what i've learned a lot. i've learned that MY PARENTS were indeed the best parents ever compared to my in-laws. they say that when you argue or have issues with your in laws, you'll be disgraced. is it true???
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@oninomar (506)
• Philippines
25 Apr 11
Thanks God you realized that things. You must take good care with your parents and value the chance to be with them, treasure each moment with your parents. Your parents are very lucky to have you in their life. Stay happy.
• Philippines
25 Apr 11
thank you. yes indeed i am so thankful. thankful to you and most especially to god. despite the ugly issues with my in-laws, glad GOD did it for me to realized that precious thing. :) hey, you have family of your own?? :)
• Mexico
27 Apr 11
Hi acenad: Maybe if you ask your boyfriend he will probably consider that his parents are the best. I am not sure. But it's great that after comparing your parents with you in laws you feel lucky and you value them even more. I love my parents and I knwo that they have done what they have considered it's the best for me. ALVARO
@elitess (5072)
• Ipswich, England
25 Apr 11
Hello acena, I am proud of my parents of course, but I do realise that they are also human and make mistakes. I am lucky that my future in-laws seam okay so far, with no major flaws that i have to cop up with and they seam to like me as well (as long as their daughter likes me anyway :) )
25 Apr 11
PARENTS truly are the best gift..:) They might not be perfect but they do sure love their children :)