I need an alternative way to earn..can you help?

April 25, 2011 7:59pm CST
I am a registered nurse in Philippines but sad to say I am one of the unfortunate young professionals that were not given the opportunity to work with pay. I work as a Volunteer nurse right now and I only have 1 year experience. I don't like it anymore working with nothing to get it really pissed me off. I want something new, I want to work abroad though it's impossible cause I don't have any savings and my parents are earning in a very low wage per month. I have the skills ,attitude and knowledge I just want to improve it more and I am very eager to learn more in my field. I am afraid to try working outside from my area of expert y since I might be able to forget those I have learn. Ever since I really love working in the hospital, I love to help , to care and the errands every duty. If only someone will invite me to join a medical mission with allowance,free meals and a place to stay well I would loved to. I'm stacked in here I want something new, I want to learn more. But as of now no one had invited me yet. So, I've been thinking of how about earning through the internet? There are but it takes time in order for me to earn much. I was thinking about being an agent? But you need to invest first in becoming a member, ahh not great. Secretary, assistant, data entry, why not,possible. I had couple of accounts like odesk but it didn't work. huh! Who could help me, anyone?
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@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
2 May 11
Hey there colleague :) I too am a registered nurse in the Philippines and I should say that you are even more fortunate enough to already have a year of experience in our field. As for me, I only had 3 months volunteer experience, since volunteering is not so good for me for I really need money. And had 6 months as a nurse trainee with pay by the Dept of labor, the program they had for nurses to work in the rural areas. well I was part of it but it was only for 6 months. I am not lucky t have money like you do to go abroad and work or even study to add with my expertise. I am now working as a chat support for an online company. I know it's way to far from our profession but by this I have already lived and have helped my family. I won't suggest you do the same though for if you already love the job, it will really be hard for you to go back to your first love which is taking care and being of service to others. I suggest you use your 1 year experience to apply for jobs abroad and please make sure it's a legit one you are applying for. And maybe use your experience to apply for medical jobs with pay here in our country. Good luck