left handers

@ysalwal (210)
September 2, 2006 11:23am CST
using left hand or right hand is depend on genes. in cricket left handers are very successful.
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@jenrajkot (149)
• India
9 Oct 06
yes the lefthanded comes from the genes... acctually what happens in persons is that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa. so this is decided in the persons genes only. and its not that only lefy handeds are successfull its just that the media have given them more attetion
@mcc371 (918)
• United States
8 Sep 06
I am left handed and when i was little I use to start at the right side of the page and write toward the left. (backwards)my teachers would get so mad at me.
• United States
8 Sep 06
I am a right hander..my oldest son is left handed and possibly my 2 youngest might be left handed as well
@sanell (2114)
• United States
8 Sep 06
ha, I was left handed until I was two years of age. My mom did not realize that it was OKAY for girls to also be left handed, so that is why she kept switching my hand over. My dad did not do much about it (he is left handed) because he worked a lot of hours (my parents had me REALLY young 21 years of age they were) anyway, it is funny because I can only write with my right hand, I can kick left footed and I bat left handed....it is crazy!!