just finished 9th in the office poker tournament...

@allen0187 (34380)
April 26, 2011 7:17am CST
out of almost 150 players. intense is the word that comes to mind. reached the final table and was the first to bow out. $ucks big time but my performance this year was better than last year. i finished 16th last year out of a filed of 100 players. so considering that i finished at a higher place and reached the final table and that there were more players this year, i'm fairly happy with the way i played today. tourney isn't done yet. i think they are still grinding it out. higher prizes are in store for the winner this year but they are just rewarding the top three players. $150, $100, and $50 goes to the first, second, and third players respectively. fairly decent amount considering, this is a free roll tournament and you get to do this at no cost at all cause we get to play here in the office. looking at joining another office tourney by the middle of may. hopefully, i get better between now and that time. hahahaha!!! everyone started at $2500 in chips. i was playing at a really competitive table, table six i believe. consider this, five of us from that table made it to the final one. played really aggressive in the first five to six hands trying to steal some of the pot before pre-flop. didn't work so decided to change my style. started playing more conservative and just picking my spots. i folded most of my hands and played only connected suits and pairs. won a couple of hands with flushes and full houses. got beat badly... got a pair of queens. flop came at queen hearts, Ace clubs, Ace hearts. i raised since i have a full house, three queens and a pair of aces. everyone else folded except for one. that player raised as well. turn was another ace. my opponent went all in. i bit and called all in as well. it was a knee jerk reaction. i figured my opponent was bluffing, figured he can only beat me if he had quads aces. river was 2 of clubs. my opponent showed he had ace king and he did in fact have quads. that was the end of that. oh well, on to the next poker table. as i type this, they are still at it. no one has yet to be taken out. the player who beat me with quads aces is the chip leader. i won't be surprised if he wins it all. anyway, had fun and learned a lot more. like what they always say, poker is a game you can learn easily but would take a lifetime to master.
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2 May 11
finishing 9th out of 150 is pretty good. congratulations! i used to watch poker tournaments but i only got to view it from the tv. hehe i would probably suck at handling a bluff. hehe given a situation of a full house, anyone in your shoes would have raised it too. chances of the opponents having quads and a royal flush is very slim. but i guess, your opponent had a better hand in that round. nonetheless, you have played well. i know a bit of the basic, but i haven't played for real. only a few times online. and we do have a local version of street poker we usually do at home when my brothers and brothers-in-law come for a visit to unwind and i only get to win about $10-20 each time.