again?! Metro train defective again!

@chiyosan (30205)
April 26, 2011 9:35am CST
Now that's really silly. Two days in a row, our metro train again has been caught defective while in operation. It is also the same time as before, peak hours in the morning and sometimes peak hours in the early evening when every one is in a hurry to go home. I wonder really why this is always the case. A train gets inoperational and most gets stranded another half an hour or so. Does this have to do with the volume of people getting on and off the train or its just simply because of lack of maintenance?!
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• Poland
2 May 11
Yes its really frustating if 2days in row strucked in train! Dude listen to some music un relax!
@junrapmian (2170)
• Philippines
27 Apr 11
I don't want to think that they are neglecting the management's responsibilities to have a thorough check-up of these trains before they have it going. It could be their way to justify their request from the government to increase the fares, saying that they need to upgrade or buy the spare parts needed for a smooth operation.
• Philippines
26 Apr 11
walked out passengers  - train went wrong.
Hello CHiyosan, I think having an over crowded people in the Trains of our MRT and LRT is wrong!, my opinion states that we have to have limited number of passengers entering the train so that it could accommodate more when they have entered the train from every single station they stopped to. Maintenance is another thing if the train station companies wouldn't give a damn about the people entering the bus