ELENIN and the future of our planet....

April 26, 2011 10:50pm CST
I have to admit, I didn't know anything about this up until about half a year ago, but I'm finding it fairly interesting. There's many groups out there that believe different things regarding comet ELENIN and the future of our planet. Some think that it's all a big hoax, some say it's nothing more than the size of a grain of sand in comparison to a watermelon (Earth being the watermelon). And then there are those others that believe and are completely convinced that ELENIN is one of the biggest reasons for the increase in earthquakes and will pretty much end our planet, at least the way we know it now, in October of 2011, saying that Oct.28/2011 is the new Dec.21/2012. Me, I have no idea. Yes, there really seems to be an increase in earthquakes and other strange events, like birds and other animals involved in mass die offs and very loud rumbling sounds that are compared to a large jet's engine in very close range that lasts for 20-45 min., among other things. I have to admit, I'm pretty interested in Earth's future, seeing as I live here. We sure live in some interesting times. Let the good times roll, right? So, what do you believe? Is Elenin real?
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@xfahctor (14130)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
5 Jul 11
Elenin won't be anywhere near us. it will come no closer to us than Venus ever does in fact. And being a comet, it is only about 10 kilometers wide, at the most, may are much smaller. No doubt, even a small comet colliding with earth would be a disaster. It isn't about size, it's about velocity and mass. A 10 kilometer comet, even if a low density object, would impact the planet at possibly hundreds of thousands of miles per hour. Just look at what happened in Tunguska in 1912. And that was a relatively small comet, just several hundred meters in diameter. But, since it won't come any closer to us than the nearest planets do, this isn't really a concern with this comet. It is also not causing earth quakes, long jet engine sounds or mass die offs, all of which are normal events on earth and have been going on since earth was earth. Yes, I believe Elenin is real, and I am disappointed it will be so far away and won't be a naked eye object. As an amateur astronomy enthusiast, I love this stuff. I was hoping we would have another spectacular comet in the sky to observe like we did when Hale-Bopp came through in the 90's, THAT was a sight to see.
@nerein (283)
• United States
16 May 11
I am not sure as to what to think about this. I mean if a comet the size of a planet is causing all kinds of things like large groups of animals dying off then maybe it is something worth looking into. Although if when the comet passes between the sun and the earth and it will still be 21 million miles away then there may not be anything to worry about. Now that is not to say that some things might not happen or what not. But still I do not think that the world is going to end because of this comet. Now saying the October 18 2011 is the new Dec 2012 I am not so sure about that one. There are to many things that have not happened yet in this world no matter what religion or spiritual path you take or believe in. Now like I said there might be some small things that happen but I do not believe that anything major will happen so there is nothing to worry about.
• India
6 May 11
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• United States
29 Apr 11
Who really knows if it's real. The Bible does talk about an increase in frequency of earthquakes in the last days, but the real action is in humankind, false prophets, persecution and the like.