How do you feel if a person that you trust make you dissapointed?

@cmang83 (286)
April 27, 2011 6:04am CST
I am a marketing manager and i have a marketing team to generate sales for company. My boss are planning to expand the business and i might need some assistant to help me. I have a team member that i really trust. She has the experience, the skill and etc. I really hope she can be assistant. But i was wrong. She did a fraud that really serious. And i as a management people, i have to ask her to leave. I feel very dissapointed because i trust her a lot. Do you have this experience before? How do you feel about this?
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• Philippines
27 Apr 11
hi there, I own an event organizer business, and as the owner i have to trust my 7 employees to do the marketing, to design the tools i need, and other things necessary regarding to the business i am running. I also find it really hard when I have to fire my employee. It happened to me once, about a year ago. one of my workers, he had a meeting with a potential client, and offered him to do the business with him and his own team (which he made it under my radars). I found out eventually, and was very upset, because he was not only my worker, but also my friend. we were together, designing the business, but because i was the one with the funds, so he decided to do the designs as. And He and I, we were always seeing each other to put together our ideas. but at the end of the day, i had to fired him anyway. It's hard, but i guess in life, sometimes we have to deal with that kind of situation.
@cmang83 (286)
• Malaysia
28 Apr 11
I think your situation is more painful than me because he is your friend. But the one that i asked to leave is only my colleague. But i wonder why they dont want to treat people sincere. We trust them but they are not appreciate. Thanks for your respond.