Diablo 2. There is no better game.

South Africa
April 27, 2011 1:54pm CST
Have any of you ever played a game that just stuck with you. I started playing diablo 2 about 8 years ago and all this time it has been on my computor. I completed hardcore(with no backup) with five of the seven characters and still have the game. Does anyone else have had this experience with a computer game or is it just me? I do not play that much games anymore but I must say. I have never played a game like diablo 2 before. I have played most new RPG's like Dragon Age 2 and Darksiders. But I just cant find anything that compares. Maby diablo 3 will fullfill my hopes of being the one game that surpass Diablo 2.
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• Portugal
14 Jun 11
i played that game for a bit, but i got bored with it after 1 hour or so. i think it was because of the graphics, that are not good (for this generation i mean). maybe i give it a try when the 3 comes out, but now the rpg that im addicted in, is oblivion :p ill buy fallout new vegas soon, and latter this year its skyrim! i like those more, not only because of the 3d, but also because of the story telling and the talking that is amazing.
• South Africa
16 Jun 11
If we are going to talk modern games, I had quite the fun time with Darksiders... Thats the ultimate story. And awesome graphics.
@Doom6197 (13)
• South Africa
5 May 11
Diablo 2 is a Classic. Just recently I had a LAN with my friends and we started playing this.Ahh what a good time. I cant wait for Diablo 3.
• South Africa
6 May 11
Me neither. There is this one guy who said his brother has it but I dont know. Where I live it takes a while to get here. But would still do anything for that game.