Strangers Again

April 27, 2011 3:05pm CST
I've watched a short video about stages of relationship. Here are the stages: 1. Strangers - you don't know each other personally. to you he/she is someone you just know by face or by name and would want to know better about him/her. 2. Getting to know - you go on dates either on group or just the two of you. You always talk on the phone for hours. 3. Couple In love - the beginning of relationship. officially you are girlfriend/boyfriend. you make him/her your priority. you wanted to be with each other most of the time. 4. Comfort stage - getting too comfortable with each other. too comfortable that you just sit around most of the day. you don't have any more to do when you're together. 5. Arguments - started with just a little argument then one will step down and say sorry. then until you argue about almost everything. one will start and the other will fight back. 6. Breaking up - where you decided that being separated will be the best for the two of you. blah blah blah. 7. Strangers again - the person you once love and know is now just an acquaintance. Most of the relationships undergo these stages. Especially if you've been together for years now. Is there a possibility that you will realize that you wanted to give both of you another try?
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@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
28 Apr 11
I have watched the video on youtube as well just recently, and I was really touched by it because I know most long time relationships do end up like the one on the film. But of course, not all relationships. It is true for me for I have experienced the 6 stages, it's just that the 7th never came for we wanted not to make it happen. As what the guy has said, it could have worked if only they did something to make it work. If only he could have asked forgiveness to the girl before she got off, things could have not been the same. But since both decided not to make things get back to normal, stage 7 did happen. It's already too hard to give it another try after stage 7 has happened and most especially if one has already moved on.
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
28 Apr 11
Sometimes failure in relationships are somewhat helpful for the individual since we learn from the relationships we have. The thing about me is that, once i already broke up with someone, I dont want to give it a try anymore. I must admit that there was once in my life that I wanted to have a second chance but I didnt get it and so I realized that second chances are not worth getting and granting.
@cmecu6 (420)
• United States
28 Apr 11
how funny! my daughter just showed me this short video on youtube this past weekend. I thought it was pretty good. there may be slight life differences, but as far as the stages goes..It was right on..