The Ipad.

United States
April 28, 2011 2:50pm CST
So I have seen the Ipad and it's ridiculous price. Today I had earned just enough to do anything I want with it. It was a little extra money I had been saving to treat myself with. Now as I wandered through the electronics department I encountered the Ipad 2. I looked at it and thought wow this is so cool. It was only 15 minutes into the demo that I noticed that I can hardly do anything. It is for entertainment purposes isn't it? You can browse the web, pictures, internet, games, movies. As I kept examining, it struck me right then and there. The Ipad is completely useless to me. I already have a new Ipod Touch 4g and a laptop that is current and runs beautifully. Not only that but the ridiculous price they laid onto it. It is almost an Ipod Touch 4g. In fact I could have bought 2 Ipod Touch's 64 gb with money to spare. Its not as special as it seems to be, I would guess that its more of a "for show" toy than anything really. Still I ended up treating myself to a 42" Internet Capable tv.
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