Canadian Election coming up, let's get Stevie outta here!

@Slavaa (25)
April 28, 2011 6:04pm CST
OK, the title is a bit partisan, but I'm not the only one thinking it. For those who don't know (namely, non-Canadians) there's an election coming up May 2nd. Here's a rundown of the competing parties: The Conservatives: Led by Stephen Harper, the Conservatives are the winners of the previous election, with a minority government. They have the most seats, but fewer than 50% (142 of 308 seats). Stephen Harper has made many unpopular decisions, most famously the very expensive fighter jets. The Liberals: Led by Michael "Iggy" Ignatief, the Liberals are the official opposition. Most, if not all, elections have been won by either the Conservatives (though there have been a few different conservatives parties in the past) or the Liberals. The New Democrats (NDP): Led by Jack Layton. While generally considered to be "the other guy", the New Democrats have had a sudden rise in the polls in the last week, recently overtaking Liberals, and within a margin of error of the Conservatives. Some people attribute this to Jack Layton's moustache. The Bloc Quebecois: Led by Gilles Duceppe, this party runs only in Quebec, and would see the province separated from Canada. Due to the number of seats available to the party, it would be almost impossible for Duceppe to become PM, so we won't be getting rid of the Frenchies any time soon. (I kid, I kid.) The Green Party: Led by Elizabeth May. If the NDP is "the other guy", the Green party is the "new kid" (even though they've been at it since the 80s) with no seats in the house, despite having around 5% of the popular vote. Some polls indicate that May might win her riding in British Columbia. I don't know extensively about their actual platforms, but that's dry and boring and you can look it up. Personally, I hope the New Democrats win.
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@dodo19 (33316)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
29 Apr 11
It is true that you're not the only one. As a Canadian, I hope that we don't have to deal with him anymore. I know that others I have spoken to agrees as well. We can hope that he isn't re-elected.
@Slavaa (25)
• Canada
29 Apr 11
It's too bad that the Liberals and NDP are so close, but neither has overtaken the Conservatives. I think many people would vote for either one just to get Harper out.