how would you know if the person texting you is a different person or the same?

@zenki08 (700)
April 28, 2011 8:15pm CST
Hi! how do you usually type a txt msg? I believe that each person ha a different way of typing txt messages. Maybe 2 people can sometimes have the same way, but not 4 or 5 people. There would still be a difference. But have you experienced having to exchange text messages to 4 or 5 people having the same method of texting. Would you not suspect that this people are one and the same. The punctuations the grammar even the spacing is the same.
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@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
30 Apr 11
It's really hard to identify if the person txt is coming from different person or the same person. Most especially if they change number and number to txt you or someone else...
@jaiho2009 (39019)
• Philippines
29 Apr 11
That depends if you are so close with that person then you will get to know if the person texting you is the same or not. but,if you are not too close with that person,it won't be easy to recognize the style then. have a great weekend
@kisstin (93)
• Philippines
29 Apr 11
Depends on the mood. Sometimes if im serious i will type it completely. If im moddy, pissed, mad, angry i will type it jejemonically lol