Working at Home and Studying

Marikina, Philippines
April 29, 2011 6:22am CST
How would you manage the time in studying and working at home? For me, It is difficult to do them both especially if you are in need of money. I thought, both studying and working at home are easy to do, but at the end, I have realized that its very difficult. I have been staying in front of the computer most of the time, logging here in and sometimes, I was browsing on the internet looking for another work online. I almost forgot to study even if I am studying at home [Long Distance Learning] --- I am worried too much about money... Do you think, we could do them both at the same time? I heard some successful working students who graduated in school. I do not know the technique and the strategy they had, as a student. How they could manage schooling and working at home especially if they cannot hardly sleep at night because of pressure?
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30 Apr 11
I am new at my lot but i have a idea that could help you a lot in your studies and making money .you could make a time table according the priority of the subject and try to complete your studies as fast you can at last the making money problem you could specify pertcular time for browsing and do the whole browsing work at that specified time ..
30 Apr 11
studying and workig in home are both absolutely beneficial.. how .. you can work whenever you dont wanna study and in rest time you can start your study.
@dream_ozn (1758)
• Singapore
30 Apr 11
i totally agree with you. working and studying at home is something really difficult, we really need to have a lot of determination and good time management to be able to complete all our task on time. I suggest you find a stable job outside as it would give you a stable pay since you mentioned that you are in need of money. Working online will never be able to give you the same pay as you would receive if you get a proper job. i'm not saying that working online is not proper. just that the income is slower and not as stable as a normal job. However, i believe you need better time management and perhaps you could try to set up a timetable. Stating that from what time to what time you will either study or work. Follow that time table and i believe you would be able to juggle them properly. GOod luck
• Canada
29 Apr 11
I would find it very difficult to do because I would be to focus on the online work to study online too.. I do much better in a real classroom with a real teacher.
@tiina05 (2319)
• Philippines
29 Apr 11
hello, I am also student working here in front of my computer. yeah, sometimes it is really fun to comment to others that you cant even notice that the time is running. Well, I just learned from it. All I do is to manage my time e.g I just got 2 hours spending in myLot so that I still have enough time to study my lesson. Yep, it is really hard to manage but it is really good and nice when seeing your earning are increasing and you made it with your hard work. right? good luck hope you find your own technique