Omg so easy to fix!

United States
April 29, 2011 6:29am CST
Hey do you know theirs an easy way to get rid of xp antivirus 2011 and antivirus anti-spyware 2011? Yes they want you to spend 60 and up to repair it!Wink,wink ya right. But,did you know that if you go into your control panel and then click on usernames delete them.Now this is on an xp software program so you need to do it from different accounts! Delete them that's the user accounts and files! Now restart your computer and yes while you do this the virus programs will display.But after restart after you go back into control panel and usernames create your new accounts! Then wow great right no pop-ups! No blocking you out of the internet. I know that the anti-virus 2011 came from a dhl download that came up a clean scan! But that's all that was opened before the problems started! That plus I know I didn't order anything through their company. So I hope this helps some1 out their pulling their hair out like I did! I would show ya a picture of it but its kind of scary.
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