death vs life

April 29, 2011 7:39am CST
death is another step of life in heaven. But are we entitled to take other's life in lieu of his/her unacceptable action e.g. guilty of murder case or even a simple case of drug trafficking? We can only experience life on earth once and it is the best gift ever given by God on us but humans also take it from us. Why is it hard to forgive someone?Why can't we do that when our creator did to save our sins from death?
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30 Apr 11
I think that life is beautiful, but those that take it for greedy purposes should be punished.
@_sketch_ (5709)
• United States
30 Apr 11
I believe that it is a product of fear. We fear forgiving people. We try so hard to do good and we see others who we feel didn't work as hard as us and so why should they reap the same reward? The idea of forgiveness, I think, actually makes people feel out of control (There has to be justice and fairness. There has to be punishment), despite the fact that holding on to the negative feelings preventing us from wanting to forgive is the real loss of control. Negative emotions can control us. We often identify with status symbols (physical and nonphysical) and events that have happened in our life. We are constantly comparing ourselves to everyone else, falsely believing that we exist only in contrast to others, that our value is determined by outside factors. We need to stop identifying with such things, realizing that the now is the only time which exists, that our true self is untouchable, and that we are all equal. If we allow love to guide us, then forgiveness will come naturally. If fear is to lead us, we will be trapped until we can allow ourself to let go.