How bad it feels when our dear friends forget us....

April 29, 2011 9:02am CST
Hi friends.... one thing come to my mind always... and also i keep on thinking about it usually..... that why our dear friends behave like a selfish even when we care and love them very much...?? WHY THIS IS SO .... MANY OF MY CLOSE FRIENDS HAVE BROKEN MY TRUST.... And it really hurts when our dear ones ignore us... but it hurts more to pretend that we dont mind these things... Why no one realises our deep care and love...??? Even if someone do that..., they go away from us.... that is, in life.... permanent love does not exist.... WHY.......???? I am so much disturbrd due to all these things... please give your valuable opinions and reply.. I am waiting.
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@nezavisima (7418)
• Bulgaria
29 Apr 11
Interesting discussion.Indeed, many times when some friend they had forgotten or simply ignored because it is something very nasty you feel rejected and forgotten. But then we must ask ourselves the question whether indeed our friend.
• India
2 May 11
Thank you dear for your valuable response.
• Philippines
1 May 11
I totally know how you feel. I've had trusted best friends before who betrayed me and forgot me. That was really painful and it hurt me so bad. I cried always at that time. Now, some trusted friends also turns out not really trustworthy. I cry sometimes but I realized I'll just have to forgive them. I cannot really fully trust anyone.
• United States
29 Apr 11
It sounds as if you are really sad and disappointed but I am sorry to say that this is the way life is and thanks to this sad things that friends do to us we know the difference from a real friend and a bad one. Some friends come and go for different reasons but just the real friends stick with us true all good or bad. Good luck in finding the real friends or thank them real friend you might have at the moment that has been there for you all the time even if it might be part of your family.