What kind of fruits can help to remove wrinkle and freckle?

@ryanong (9694)
April 29, 2011 9:52am CST
Right now, I use toner, lotion, scream,etc to care my skin. However,I heard that we can use fruits as face masks to care our skin and remove wrinkle and freckle. and it is really good because all come from nature. So that, instead of using cosmetic,i wanna use fruits to care my skin. Do you know what kind of fruits and the good recipe that we can use?
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@maurya83 (923)
• India
3 Jun 12
fruits rich in vitamin C are good for removing wrinkles. vitamin c is an antioxidant which means it reduces something known as free radicals responsible for early aging..In the case of vitamin c and wrinkles the chemical reaction involved is thought to be "collagen synthesis" . Collagen is responsible for firmness in skin..other antioxidants for skin are vitamin A and E. You should eat more citrus fruits like orange, lemon etc..
@ryanong (9694)
• Vietnam
6 Jun 12
Thank you so much for your valuable advice....I will try to eat more orange, lemon..and i hope it works
@gelayagui98 (1337)
• Australia
5 May 11
Fruits are essential but freckes cannot be removed by fruits alone, you have to used night cream in order to lighten your freckles and sunblock for day time. Freckles are in your blood stream according to my friend who is the owner of Facial Clinic here in our place, having a "mestiza blood" the freckles is sometimes visible and sometimes invisible it could not be removed it just lighten. Too much exposures to sunlight can harm your face and freckles becomes worst. Freckles are hereditary too.
@jaiho2009 (39000)
• Philippines
29 Apr 11
You can use fresh lime or lemon to clean your face. Rub the lemon or lime to your face like you are cleansing it with cotton and toner. Then leave it for few minutes before rinsing. For the mask,you can use avocado,mashed it and add some honey and put it in your face. you can also check the net for this. have a great weekend and welcome to mylot