what a clear view of the sky made me realize...

April 29, 2011 1:50pm CST
Today I finally went out the house despite the blistering heat. No this wasn't because I wanted too, but because it had to. I had to go and fix my med school application. Well anyway, I was riding the jeep going to St. Luke's College of Medicine in Quezon City when I chanced to look up at the sky. I guess I've never done it in Manila nor in Mandaluyong since there were too many trees or buildings blocking it. But for that moment it was different. I could see the immensity of the sky above me. I couldn't help but feel puny at the time. I got to wonder, being this small, how could I make any difference in God's eye? What role am I to play if I'm but a mere spec for in a world full off other little specs? It may sound a bit over dramatic of me but it still makes me think up to now. I know that God has a plan for me but what is it? How can I make Him see me among the rest? And what can I do to honor Him from way down here?
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30 Apr 11
"I got to wonder, being this small"