A Mother's Love

United States
April 30, 2011 9:09am CST
We all know that saying, "there is nothing like a Mother's love". Me being a mother I can definately say for me that is true my daughter could never lose my love for her no matter what she did that is my baby. On the other hand there is alot of people who can't say the same thing about their mothers. For me when I was a young child I adored my mother and nothing in this world could ever compare to her I use to write her love notes saying how she was my love. Things changed as I grew older and wasn't protected it definately put huge damper on our relationship. Then the lack of trust developed towards her, our relationship became even more strained. For me it is everyday process to try and work towards bettering our relationship. I couldn't say my mother gave me that mother's love. What is a mother's love to you and how do you feel your relationships refelct that? Feedback Much Love
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@kheydia (883)
• Philippines
2 May 11
A mother's love to me cannot be explain in words for their are different expression mothers do to their children and we cannot just judge them, for we may not know perfectly their reason for doing so. I know my mother loves me although i never remember as a student that she taught me and study with me my lessons or ask me if how's school, even if she doesn't care as a kid if i went to church with dirty clothes because she said i am the one who is responsible for my laundry, i know she love's me even though she didn't taught me how to cook some dish, i am grown up now and a now a mother, and i can see what is my mother's worth to me. I am thankful for her that i grow up like this.
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
2 May 11
Love's mother, is the most sincere love. A mother, willing to do anything for her child. My mother loved me, and my brothers. Although we often disappointing mother, mother always forgive us, and not weary us with advice. I would like to reply to all who have done the mother, to me. I hope someday I could repay all the kindness, and love the mother.
@surekharathi (14134)
• India
1 May 11
Ohhhhh friend some days ago I also put this type of discussion nice discussion. No one can understand mohter's love now today in modern world the childs when they are go ahead in young age dont hear anything of their mother. You never protect without mother and this value can be understand only those who has no mother. Mother can fulfill both the role mother and father but father cant do this. You are safe in mothers shelter. I love my mothers so much.
• India
1 May 11
My mummy learn to me what is love and affection to all. And how to love all our neighbours, our friends,and all our close relations. can you handle sacrifice and tolerate if you win all human.
@devideddi (1436)
• United States
30 Apr 11
I know its hard but try to forgive. Thats the only way you can get past this. My mom has done several things that have deeply hurt me. I have had to come to terms with it accepting that this is the way she is. I can't change that even if it is something that affects me in a negative way. Al-tho it does affect the way I treat my children. There is no bond that can compare to a true mothers love.