biggest far.

April 30, 2011 10:56am CST
I was posting a discussion on another category here in Mylot when the power suddenly went off. After a few minutes, power came back and I was worried that My discussion wasn't posted. So, I did create a new discussion again with the same tittle. This time, my browser hangs up while the posting is processing. For the third time, I created the discussion and posted it since I wasn't so sure about my last attempt. I created another discussion which is not related to my last 3 attempts. After refreshing my profile, I noticed that all of previous 3 posts were successful and was posted at that category three times! I was mortified and tried to seek a way to delete the two extra discussion (the wrath of the replies haunts me). If anyone knows how to delete a discussion here in myLot, please let me know immediately so I can correct this Whooops1 moment. What's your biggest far? Anything particualr embarassing is appreciated!
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30 Apr 11
Oh no! I know exactly how you feel! People can be so mean... And my biggest ever whoops. It was first day at my secondary school (high school) and as i was going up the stairs and my shoe fell off. As i lent to pick them up my trousers split. whilst walking up holding my trousers (pants) i slipped over and fell up the stairs, thats right, up the stairs. I thought this couldn't get any worse but then i noticed my headmaster standing above me. I'm okay now but that experience earned my a particularly embarrassing nickname!