have you ever tryed coconut milk

April 30, 2011 11:15am CST
i tried it the other day when i opened the can i tasted it a little bit on my finger it was disgusting never ever will i try that again. have you tryed coconut before and do you like it?
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• Calgary, Alberta
30 Apr 11
I like it, but I dont use canned ones, I use fresh ones, I only use coconut milk for cooking. Its good with seafood and other spicy South east asian, Carribean and Indian food. Its for cooking not for drinking. it is suppsoed to be use to neutralize strong flavored foods like curry. You are just not culturally ready for it. It doesnt really have a taste but it compliments many flavors.Its not really for drinking.
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@secretbear (19466)
• Philippines
2 May 11
Hi hopejordan!^^ I haven't tried canned coconut milk so I don't know the taste. This is actually the first time I've heard of a canned coconut milk! And I just had to comment here because you said it was disgusting. Fresh coconut milk is definitely delicious! I live in a town where coconut is one of the major products. Aside from eating the flesh and drinking the juice, the meat is processed into delicious "buko pie" or coconut pie. If you ever go to the Philippines, you should try it. ^^
@sedel1027 (17855)
• United States
30 Apr 11
I like coconut milk but every brand and type tastes completely different. The silk coconut milk is disgusting, a few of the canned brands meant for cooking are pretty good, some of the canned meant for drinking brands are okay, but fresh is always best if you can get it. My husband loves when I go to the store and buy a young coconut and use the milk. He gets the super soft inside to munch of while I cook.