please help me find a online job!

April 30, 2011 2:46pm CST
i am really at an urgency of money.anyone can u help me find a job online who pay u by sending the money or cheque by mail???
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4 Aug 11
Urgency really isn't an option when it comes to online money making. unfortunately you're going to have to get a real job in the real world. I have been looking forever and haven't come up with anything that I can effectively do (i've been trying to get specific thing that would allow me 4 hrs a day and have time with the family after, but no such luck. If you want to start earning from home while you have a real job outside of the home, I would suggest freelance work to start, but don't stop looking. An online business will always require money so always look for a job if you don't want to spend, and certainly if you're not good at approaching people. I do prepaid legal from home, it's a business and does require money, but it also requires your time and a lot of effort put into it. is a place where real people want you to actually work for them. getting a full time position is hard, but if you do article writing, depending on the employer, you could make at least 200-400 bucks a month from one person. starting a blog and doing affiliate marketing will work, but that requires time and effort too, but you'll have to learn how to write what the "media" is looking for. Great english writing skills is always a plus, but honestly once you get it up and running and people start viewing daily as you post at least 5 articles a day, in a while you would be able to sit back and just earn money while your site did all of the work for you! Best of luck! Add me as a friend if you like!
@spicnick (24)
15 May 11
Sorry to say but i think there is no way to earn money online............The only way is to stick to the real time jobs rather than wasting time in the online job search.....I suggest you try freelancer jobs they may add a little penny ,but dont serve your purposes..
• India
2 May 11
There are several ways to make money online. For more details visit
30 Apr 11
im afraid i must agree with the first guy, online jobs always turn out to be duds, best keep it in the real world ;)
• United States
30 Apr 11
Just get a regular job it is easier to see where your money will come from. Online jobs takes a while and it is not easy unless you know what you are doing. you could sell on ebay.