combination of wireless and fiber optic

April 30, 2011 10:36pm CST
Wireless of wifi is a name of the wireless technology that can deliver information or data. utilization when viewed location geografis very helpful at all since the range is wide in investment is also veru cheap compared to having ti build fiber optic network. Because the capabilities of wireless technology in the data transfer is very limited compared with optical fiber technology that can achieve over hundreds of giga bits/second. with the speed of fiber optic technology, we need to combine the technology of fiber optics adn wireless technology. from the cobination of wireless and fiber optics make your internet service provider toresolve the speed issue that mus be given to customers. Due to incresingly rapid content development especially in the field of multimedia content such as live streaming and vidoe on demand (VOD) if the operator does not quickly make the network expansion will be bad for customers and netword capabilities.
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@raj_gupta (312)
• India
1 May 11
Very rightly said. To provide high data rate we need combination of both. Even the "last mile", as it is called in telecom industry, has to be covered via optical fiber and only room to room transmission should be handled via wifi.
• Indonesia
2 May 11
Right, it happened like in hotel or residence elite