is there any cheapest that oridnary people can get ?

May 1, 2011 12:08am CST
now, the cost of education become higer than higer, in order to get good education ,people have to get more and more money on it. is good education only the right of rich people? is there any cheapest education for ordinary people?
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@epicure35 (2822)
• United States
2 May 11
A "higher" education in this country is worthless. Pouring out hard earned money to be politically indoctrinated and intellectually starved is totally a waste as our current educational "institutions" are academic and moral sewers. It would be best to go out and work hard, as has been suggested already, and live your life in a Godly and moral way, because then "learning" will be boundless and a joy.
• Philippines
1 May 11
hello! yes, it does seem that only the privileged can have the education they really want. IT's much harder for someone poor, or middle class. There are solutions, however, and those are scholarships. They are difficult to maintain, but who said life was easy? The things worth doing are worthy of hard work. Beware of cheap schools as they may not give a quality education. But it's not guaranteed that all expensive schools give a quality education, too. It's best to review the background of the school one is interested in. If one really can't afford an education, then there are other solutions to be successful. There are always solutions! Just pray and work! :)
@visavis (5945)
• Philippines
1 May 11
Hello my friend, Every area or country government have offered to those students who deserve to study on free like in the Philippines government are having State University or government own school to cater those students not capable to study due to financial contraints. Some are offerring scholarship for those students who deserve, some are cheap tuition fee like PUP and UP and others. see you around