thinking anybody?

May 1, 2011 9:13am CST
when u hear the word think..what comes to your mind? well what comes to your mind is what u think about the word think. not many people can really offence to any one but the truth of the matter is that thinking actually requires brain power.and brain power comes from intellect.and intellect comes from experience.and experience comes from exposure.
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@xjosiax (74)
• Australia
1 May 11
When i hear the word 'think' the first phrase that comes to mind for me is 'A pursuit of knowledge' because when you read or see something, you process it,analyse it, ponder and consider it and then form your own opinion. You THINK and consider things before you form an opinion. Well, you should! You are right when you say thinking requires brain power. Not enough people 'think' about what they say,see, experience or read. The depth of someones intellect is attributed to ones exposure to different things and experiences but also to their upbringing. Some people have spent their lives being told what to think, or accepting what they are told. Some are encouraged to think for themselves, take initiative and be proactive. Everyone can think - because everyone has an opinion or a stance on any given issue or topic. Not many people can process and analyze information in a productive or constructive way, because they either don't possess the skills to do so or the depth of intellect or the ability to think laterally or outside the box.
1 May 11
yeah u are right..when we bare born our parents decide which school we should study in.they decide most of our behavourial traits.when we grow up the our society decides whats normal and what isnt.and all this completely affects the thinking of an individual.he or she grows up to be dependent on others for his or decisions.then if the result is not good blame others for it.this is a failed person.and his thinking process is tootally damaged.
@sswallace21 (1824)
• United States
2 May 11
Welcome, In my opinion, I don't believe this is an actual truth. The fact of the matter is we do think. Even the young of are species, have the power to know they are wet, need fed or just want attention. To answer these discussions requires one to think, as well. You read the discussion think of a concept and type your response. Best Wishes!